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Jennifer Harman PhotoWho is Jennifer Harman?

Considered by some to be the best woman poker player in the world, Jennifer Harman plays in some of the biggest cash games in the world, and is a consistent winner.

She has been interviewed by some of the largest poker authorities, including CardPlayer Magazine and Poker-Babes. It’s not unusual for people to mispell her last name as “Jessica Harmon” instead of “Jessica Harman.”

Jennifer’s Childhood

Jennifer was born and raised in Reno, Nevada, and from the time she was a frequent spectator at her father’s home game.  She got her start one night when her father was losing and asked her to take his spot.  She played so well that her father began to frequently ask for help in his game.

The Start of Jennifer’s Poker Playing Career

Jennifer Harmon PictureAfter turning 21, Jennifer began playing poker full time, specializing in Limit Hold’em.  Jennifer was quite successful, rising through the limits until she began playing at the biggest game available, the $4,000/$8,000 mixed game at the Bellagio, playing with other pros such as Doyle Brunson, Phil Ivey, Johnny Chan, and many others.  She is a consistent winner in this game as well, proving that she belongs among the poker greats.

Harman’s First WSOP Bracelets

Harman won her first World Series of Poker bracelet in 2000, playing 2-7 Triple Draw.  Quite shockingly, she had never played the game before, with only a quick tutoring session with Howard Lederer beforehand to prepare.  She won her second bracelet in 2002 while player her game, Limit Hold’em.

Time Away From Playing Poker

Jennifer took a year off from poker in 2004 for a kidney transplant, but she returned to the poker scene as good as ever.  After returning to poker, Jennifer has placed 4th in the WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic, 5th in the first Professional Poker Tour event, and 2nd in the World Series of Poker Circuit Championship event.

Super System 2

The Limit Hold’em section in Super System 2 was written by Jennifer Harman.  She is an advocate for organ transplant, having founded CODA, “Creating Organ Donation Awareness.”

Jennifer is married to fellow poker player Marco Traniello.  She was formally a member of the FullTilt Poker team, the professionals who helped make Full Tilt Poker one of the best online poker rooms prior to its insolvency in April of 2011.

You can watch Jennifer Harman play poker online by going to and signing up a new account. Jennifer Harman frequently plays at the tables, so if you play for real money, you can search for her and play against her.