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Have you ever stared at your cell phone and reset every setting on it because you don’t have any fun games to play? Or perhaps you are at a bus depot waiting to get picked up or have some other type of downtime. Don’t just sit there anymore, play mobile poker for cell phones!

If you are a cell phone user, which 99% of you are, you can play poker for fake or real money via your celluar phone, with no need for a laptop computer. You can make just as much money playing poker with your cell phone as you can playing poker with your regular computer, except now you can play poker anywhere that you can get service.

Where can I play mobile poker for cell phones?

Fortunately, the one online poker room that provides mobile poker support is compatible with iPhones, Switch Poker. You can sign-up, login, and compete against real people in the palm of your hands. The poker game can also be played against robots or computerized opponents.

Where do my winnings go when I play mobile poker?

Your winnings will be directly deposited into your regular Switch account. This account can be accessed from the internet (via a computer) and your cell phone time and time again.

Which poker games are available to play on my celluar phone?

At the moment only limit texas holdem is available. You can fold, check, bet, or raise. Raises are capped at 4 bets.

What happens if I receive a phone call during play?

If you choose to answer the phone call most phones will treat this the same as a “lost connection” and your hand will be treated as “all in.” So if you have a big hand I wouldn’t suggest answering the phone!

Can I play mobile casino games?

Yes. Both mobile blackjack and mobile slots are available to play with your cell phone. The mobile blackjack game is sleek and smooth. The mobile slots game is based on the same fun fruit slots game that you will find at Switch Poker. Both casino games can be played for fake or real money.

What are the costs of playing mobile poker?

Switch Poker does not charge anything more than the normal rake. However, your wireless service provider may charge you fees for the data transferred, which we found to be between 350kb and 900kb per hour of play. You may also be charged for the actual download from your service provider.

What happens if I lose cell phone service while I’m playing?

You will be granted an extra 30 seconds of time to reconnect. This extra time is in addition to the regular time that youare given. If you cannot reconnect after the extra 30 seconds your hand will be treated as a check / fold.

My little cousin stole my phone. What if she loses all my money?

You can prevent others from playing poker on your cell phone by keeping the personal pin code that you are provided to yourself. Everytime you begin a new mobile poker game you are asked for this secure pin number. This is the best means of preventing people from playing on your poker account.