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WSOP Howard LedererWho Is Howard Lederer?

One of Full Tilt Poker’s team of professional poker players, Howard Lederer, often referred to as the “Professor of Poker,” spends his takes playing world class poker and providing commentary and analysis for poker games in which he is not a part.

Howard Lederer’s Childhood

Howard Lederer grew up in New Hampshire, one in a family of five.  It was here, amongst his family, that Howard Lederer developed his competitive desires.  The Lederers played a variety of games with each other, including poker.  No one took it easy on anybody else in these games, as every Lederer involved wanted only to win.  These family games were the fuel for Howard Lederer’s fire.

First Poker Experience

At the age of 18, Howard Lederer chose not to go to college, and instead went to New York to satiate his desires for chess.  He found a poker game in the back room of his favorite chess club, and it was here that he truly became a poker player.  Howard began playing poker seventy to 80 hours a week, and trudged home dead broke most nights.  Howard had to earn his seat in the games by being the errand boy for the other players.  Eventually, Howard realized that playing poker all night wasn’t helping his play, so he reeled himself in, got more sleep, and consequently, began to play better poker.

Howard Lederer Photo

New York, New York

Howard Lederer didn’t start to thrive as a poker player until he joined the Mayfair Club in New York.  The Mayfair was noted for its bridge and backgammon clubs, and was home to world class players.  A small group of these players experimented with no-limit holdem when it arrived in New York, and Howard was a part of this group.  The daily game would begin in the afternoon and would run into the small hours of the morning, after which the players would congregate at a nearby bar to discuss the game.  This was a great time of communication among the players, and their skills improved as they spread ideas around.  This group of players included other names that are well known today, such as Dan Harrington and Erik Seidel, both world class poker players.

Vegas Baby!

Howard Lederer moved to Las Vegas in 1993.  He primarily played in cash games until 2002, when World Poker Tour tournaments became a monthly event.  Howard Lederer’s favorite events are the events that we see him in on tv, large buy in no-limit Texas Holdem tournaments.  These are his favorite because of the sheer raw excitement of the event.

Due to his large waistline, he was once known as “Bubba,” a nickname coined by the legendary Doyle Brunson.  He became a vegetarian to lose weight and is now know as “Bub,” acknowledging his healthier physique.  Of course, he still will indulge in meat, as he once ate a cheeseburger to win a $10,000 proposition bet.

A Family of Poker Players

Howard Lederer’s sister, Annie Duke, is a world class poker player in her own right.  The competitive desire of the Lederer family is in her as well, and the brother and sister give each other no mercy when they stared down the table at the other.  This provides great poker entertainment all on its own.

Howard Lederer has won two World Series of Poker Bracelets and two World Poker Tour titles.  He has a wife, Suzie, a son, Mattias and three dogs.