Watch Poker Pros as They Play


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Phil IveyI just received an email from Full Tilt Poker that was quite interesting. It said that I was actually able to watch poker pros play poker online, for high stakes.

You can view any of these games by simply logging into your FullTilt Poker account and opening one of the tables that are highlighted in red, which signifies that a pro is playing at the table. For instance, view this hand that was recently played between Phil Ivey and John D’Agonstino on Full Tilt Poker.

Dags and Ivey were playing in a $300/$600 no limit Texas Holdem poker game and the hand begun with Dags raising to $1,800 from the button. Phil Ivey reraised the bet to $5,400 and the bet was called by Dags. Ivey led out with a bet of $7,800 with a flop of K-A-J rainbow.

To Ivey’s surprise, Dags reraised Ivey to $20000. Dags was even more surprised when Ivey pushed back for $43,200. Dags decided to go all in for about $63,600, and was called by Ivey for $20,400 more. Each of the players revealed their cards and showed a flopped set. Dags was behind with trip Kings to Phil Ivey’s pocket aces.

Ivey was a 95 percent favorite to win at this point and there was only a single card in the deck could allow Dags to win. You will never guess what happened next.

The turn card came and Dags received the one and only card in the deck that would possibly help him, the case king. In the end Dags won a pot of $138,000 with his four of a kind kings to Ivey’s full house.


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