Switch Poker Monthly Point Race to Cash!


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Switch PokerA monthly event is fast appearing on our radar, and you should be aware of it. Since the beginning of the year, Switch Poker has been giving away €500 in a monthly point race. The rules are simple: The 5 players with the most Switch Poker Points earned during the duration of the race each win a share of the prize pool.

These types of event always rouse our interest, not just because we love free money and who doesn’t? The prizes, however nice, are not the main reason to play. These types of event attract fish, player numbers increase as more and more people try to go for the top prize which encourages more people to start playing. This action is not to be sniffed at. In a room full of soft action at the best of time Switch Poker teems with easy games during these monthly races.

Winning a prize is a nice bonus, but the real catch is action during the competition.

As an added benefit, Switch Poker allows all other bonuses to play during the competition. You can collect points towards their free money first deposit bonus or earn a free iPad. To get either of these bonuses you should join Switch Poker today. Follow the below instructions to get yourself an extra bonus:

Free iPad/iPod touch:

Use the code FREEIPAD/FREEIPOD, deposit €150/€50 and earn the points during the race week. (100,000 Points for iPad and 60,000 points for iPod touch). When you have the required points, an easy task during the race, simply email Switch Poker with your delivery address and they will ship you a new iPad or iPad touch.

100% first deposit:

Use code 20TO600 and make a deposit between €20-€600 and Switch Poker will add money to your account as you play until they have equalled your buy-in. No need to reach a minimum rake, it come in multiples of €10, so even if you deposit the maximum you will get some back right from the start.

Switch Poker also gives away free cash to their real money mobile poker players. By playing in the cash games and any limit you stand a chance of getting what is called a Bonus Bomb, basically they put some money in your Switch Poker account. The more you play the more likely the bomb will drop and the higher limit you play the more likely the bomb will be big. Each bomb can be worth €1000 and for a free gift that’s a pretty awesome bomb!

The really good thing about Switch Poker is that you can play more than 4 tables on the same screen. iPad and some Android device users will be able to play just like they can on the PC with 4 tables tiled side by side. This can really make it easy getting those big numbers you need for the bombs and to win the races, not to mention cleaning up on the tables. If you’re not lucky enough to play on an Android tablet, iPad or PC then you can still play poker on your mobile device at up to 4 tables at once, with a simple swipe or tap you can get right back to the action.

With all the extra players and free poker bonuses during race week it seems crazy for a good player to not play this real money mobile poker site. If you’re good enough to make a profit then you can get a huge bonus from the free money Switch Poker will give you, but let’s not forget that if you play enough hands you might even win the race!

So don’t miss out on all the free money, direct your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or any Android mobile device to www.switchpoker.com and play real money poker on your mobile or PC.


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