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money order is almost like a bearer’s bond. The bearer of the money order may cash it for it’s face amount at any bank and some other third party places such as the US Postal Office. There are many types of money orders, but the most popular types (in the USA) are the Western Union money order and the US Postal money order. These can be aquired easily by going to a bank, your local post office, or even a nearby grocery store such as Cub Foods.

Money orders generally only cost a dollar per hundred dollars in value to process. So if you want a $100 (or less), you shouldn’t have to pay more than one dollar to get it. And if you needed a $500 money order, you might expect to pay about $5 to have it processed, making your total $505.

Money orders are a great alternative to using a credit card to play online poker or casino games is to send a money order. Yes, it is a rather slow method of payment, but this is a great alternative to using a credit card or having to disclose your bank account information.

Funding an online poker or online casino account with a money order is easy. All that you have to do is get the money order, write the online poker room’s or online casino’s address on an envelope, insert your money order and a piece of paper with your gambling account information on it, and send it in. You should have the money in your account within 10 days. Always follow the instructions that the online poker room or online casino gives you as the payment processing may be different for each.

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