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InstaDebit is a secure way to fund your online poker or casino account with your bank account. An InstaDebit deposit is can be compared to using a debit card or writing a check. Deposits and purchases show on your bank statement just as they would if you used your debit card. InstaDebit has no fees and the only way you can be charged anything is if you overdraft your account.

The registration process is a quick and easy two step process after which you may deposit into your online poker or casino account. All that you have to do is fill out a consumer registration form and give them your bank account number and routing number. This will instantly debit your bank account and there is no credit card check or confidential information is required.

You can use InstaDebit with your United States bank account. Registration is quick and easy and there are no charges to use InstaDebit. No credit card is required to make a deposit with InstaDebit.

Read more about InstaDebit at their site.

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