Short-handed Sit and Go Tournament Strategy


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Short-Handed sit n go poker tournaments require good timing and an aggressive playing style. Most Short-Handed strategy guides suggest to play tight aggressive, this is a good strategy but could lead many players into trouble. Short-Handed sit and go strategy is not for the meek. Short-Handed is considered six or less players. For example,’s sit and go tournament consists of five players.

Best Shorthanded Sit and Go Strategy

All players must be careful with good starting hands that do not hit such as: AK, AQ, and AJ. 2/3 times these hands miss the flop completely, however, players must remember that means it is also likely that your opponents have missed his flop even more so in a Short-Handed sit and go tournament. I would suggest taking advantage of this by betting the same amount pre-flop and on the flop, but if raised it does put these hands in a difficult situation. If played too aggressively players often lose their chips to a pocket pair or any pair for that matter.

Blind Structure and Position

The blinds start off small in sit and go tournaments so I suggest to play position and try to see a few cheap flops. As the blinds increase your play style must tighten up accordingly. Continue to play hands aggressively but remember it is important not to over play hands as it is often costly to chip stacks.

Online Poker Tells

Watch your opponents. Many poker players complain about the limited amount of tells it is possible to pickup from your opponents, since the game is no longer face to face. This is even more important to sit and go strategy.

There are many subtle ways to pick up tells; based on the amount of time it takes a player to call, check, bet, or raise. Make note of showdowns and use the hand history to check players hands even if they are not shown. (Often the losing hand is not shown based on the users settings but if it is played till showdown you have the ability to check the hand history and check the cards) This allows you to see they types of hands your opponents play. Use this information to your advantage.

Watch for New Players and Keep Your Game Tight

There are many online players are novices trying to get a feel for the game and mainly just having fun and they enjoy the sit and go because of its ease. Often players will be seated with someone that is very loose and aggressive who will use the all in feature very often picking up small pots. It is important to remember that although unlikely that they have a very good hand each time no one can be certain that these types of players have trash hands each time. Although this type of player is sometimes annoying to play with I often like to have one at my sit and go table because they keep me playing as tight as I should be playing.

Full Handed Sit and Go Strategy

In Full-Handed Tournaments players can play extremely tight playing only top 5 hands and make it very close to the money if not into the money. This is not possible with a Short-Handed sit and go tournament since the blinds come around much more frequently.

Remember, the Game is Short Handed

Last but not least it is important to remember that it is Short-Handed, which means betting with an ace high in good position is a good play at sit and go table. Hands that are considered weak on a full table are much stronger in the sit and go strategy. I suggest that all pocket pairs should be played. I often try to get in as cheap as possible or even raise in late positions.

Don’s just remember this advice at your next Short-Handed sit and go tournament, use it. Put these methods into action and you will notice yourself winning more with this winning sit and go strategy.


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