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Introduction to Pineapple Poker Rules

Pineapple Poker PhotoPineapple Poker rules are similar to Texas Holdem, but with a definite tropical twist.  The main difference is that in Pineapple Poker players receive three hole cards instead of two.  The players will then discard one of their three hole cards prior to the flop.  There is also another variant of Pineapple Poker, known as Crazy Pineapple Poker, which has different rules pertaining to discarding one of the cards.  After everyone discards a card, the game plays just like Texas Holdem.

Basic Pineapple Poker Hand

Play begins with every player being dealt three hole cards.  Each player then discards one of the three hole cards.  A round of betting follows.  A card is burned from the deck and three community cards, known as the flop, are laid face up on the table.  A second round of betting occurs, followed by another and a fourth community card, the turn.  Players bet again, a card from the deck is burned, and the fifth and last community card, the river, is dealt. A final round of betting takes place, and the players remaining in the hand show their cards.  The winner takes the pot.

Pineapple Poker Strategy

Pineapple Poker strategy is related to Texas Holdem, because the two games are similar.  However, the strategy for Pineapple Poker has a twist.  Due to the fact that every player receives three hole cards, it is easier to make big hands, and players need to be aware of this.  Also, players will need to make hard decisions, which there may be no correct answer for.  For instance, if your three hole cards are A55, which one do you discard?  Another player could have a better pair, in which case keeping the ace would be better, but the pocket pair could be the best hand.  Decisions like this come up all the time in Pineapple poker, so players need to glean as much information out of their opponents as possible.

Where to Play Pineapple Poker Online

There isn’t a whole lot of places that you can play Pineapple Poker online, but we did find the following sites.