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Standard Bonus: 100% up to $200Exclusive Bonus

250% up to $2000

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Winner Poker's evolution since 2009 is truly remarkable, and the site has become an outstanding destination for European players. Don't miss out on an unbelievable deposit bonus!

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Winner Poker Review

It’s not easy making money in today’s poker climate, but with Winner Poker they makes things simple. As the site suggests, there’s a bit of truth to Winner Poker’s hypothesis; they do turn average or break-even players into winners because of their rewards program and feeble player pool. Winner Poker may lose points in terms of their popularity worldwide, but they compensate for their weaknesses by inducing great action, and providing enough poker games to suit multiple players’ interest. Regardless of player type or experience, you’ll be able to enjoy your hobby, and make a fair amount of money in the process.

Winner Poker is intriguing because they carry the features that several of the big name poker companies possess, but with less novelty and more function. After seeing some of the weaknesses and mistakes of other sites, Winner Poker has now polished their platform to perform at the highest standards. “Speed Poker” is one of the newest additions to the site, and provides the quick and feverish action that some of the world’s best players crave. “BackBet”, a side bet that’s one of the first of its kind, gives participants on Winner Poker the option of making additional wagers after seeing their cards. With unique and clever ways to make money, if you get bored with the action on your table you can now spice things up with the many bonus options on Winner Poker.

Because the site is operated by Playtech, if you’ve played on any of the Playtech operated platforms you’ll notice a familiarity and functionality that’s comfortable to many. Because this gaming software leader has plenty of experience and knowledge, they’ve taken the time to alleviate worries and elevate Winner Poker to new heights. Their mission is to set the bar high in terms of expectations and service for consumers, and they use any feedback you give them to reach those aspirations. In the meantime, they’ll continue to provide excellent patronage.

Winner Poker Bonus

In terms of giving back to the players, the rewards system on Winner Poker is very generous. Just glancing at their deposit bonus, if you make a deposit at WinnerPoker with us on you’ll receive up to a $2,000 deposit bonus, or at least an additional 250% increase in your deposit! Although it’s not a lump sum reward, players who have decided to deposit will want to play, and by playing you’ll slowly earn points that will be used to unlock your bonus in $10 increments. This may not be ideal, but it’s FAR better than what some of the other sites can offer you.

Winner Poker also has a VIP Club, and with this program you’ll be allowed to cash in on all the time you’ve spent at the tables. Obviously, the cash you earned from other players is nice, but wouldn’t it be special to accumulate gifts with your points? You can do that on Winner Poker!

The VIP Club is a place where you can either redeem your points for cash, or use them for tournament tokens at any time. As long as you have the required point total, you’ll be able to access that reward. You could end up redeeming points for as much as $120,000! That is unheard of!

To earn points, you’ll need to play in real-money games and either contribute to rake, or pay a tournament fee. Depending on how much you’re contributing, you’ll earn points in correlation. The more you pay, the more you’re given.

Within the Winner Poker program you’ll also find VIP levels, each of which unlock special rewards and offers. When you reach the highest levels through play and point accumulation, it will require less and less points to unlock free cash and tournament tokens. It pays to play, in one way or another.

Winner Poker Software and Features

Seldom will you find all of the characteristics you’re looking for in a poker platform, but Winner Poker comes very close. With superb attention to detail, the site and their lobby is jam-packed with different options for players to choose. Luckily, many selections are sub-standard – the aforementioned “BackBet” and “Speed Poker” make this list, in addition to a very luxurious “full-screen mode”. While some sites do allow you to resize your tables, you can very rarely expand them to full screen. By doing so, Winner Poker has immersed players in a one-of-a-kind atmosphere, mimicking playing in a live game. The action is more intense, and the screen quality is better than ever.

Upon opening the lobby, it won’t feel art deco or new-age modern, but the software isn’t noticeably outdated either. Winner Poker instead has a blended composition of both eloquent and ordinary elements, useable in one all-encompassing program. You’ll find checkboxes for more frequently used aspects such as No-Limit or Pot-Limit tables, as well as different stake levels. The waiting list, hands per hour, average pot and viewed flop percentages are on display as well.

Despite those distinctive benefits, Winner Poker didn’t want to exclude many of the standard options that players have become familiar with. Four-color decks, buddy lists, and player notes are still available, and you may also alter some of the gameplay features to keep things running smoothly on your operating system. Updated in “real time” is both your transaction history, as well as your statistical history. The first may be one of the most essential components of online play, as often the delay between processing payments from credit cards or bank accounts can take an eternity to display. Instead, Winner Poker took the time to ensure players would be in the know in regards to where their money is, and how carefully it’s being handled.

The latter, your statistical history, is actually provided during your play at the table. Used similarly to a hand re-player, you’ll be given betting patterns, hole cards and action on all dealt streets for any given hand. It’s a world-class tool that nearly any noteworthy online poker site and player should retain, and Winner Poker didn’t make the blunder of omitting it. In fact, they’ve executed their design quite nicely, making sure that players would receive the maximum benefit of utilizing such an incredible tool.

A few nice but smaller touches on Winner Poker include their options for multi-currency table play and cash outs, along with their “Top Hand Bonus of the Day.” This feature can award as much as $200 in free cash simply for having the best hand of the day. In order to qualify, you need to have at least quad kings or better, and you must use both hole cards to qualify. A few other minor stipulations apply, but winning a few hundred bucks for playing in your standard Texas Hold’em game isn’t bad at all!

Winner Poker Games

Every poker player would love to have 10-15 different games at their disposal at any time, but chances are you’re not skilled in many of those games. Rather than become a jack of all trades and a master of none, Winner Poker has decided to simplify your decision making by including the best-known poker genres available.

Included in this list is Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and Stud. Each of these categories has different stakes and gaming options that make them more intriguing, such as No-Limit, Limit, 7-card or 5-card denominations. Depending on the game composition you assemble, you can turn a game from being lifeless and boring to dramatic and intense. If you ever do become tired with your typical settings, you can adjust them at any time or move from table to table.

Odds are that many of the players will be playing Texas Hold’em. Because this variant has become so widespread, many sites have taken the fast-growth of Hold’em one step further – more speed and more tables. Because folding hand after hand can be worse than watching paint dry, Winner Poker introduced Speed Poker – the fastest poker game you’ll find anywhere.

With Speed Poker, you’ll be able to select your desired game and stakes, and then you’re off to the races. You’ll immediately be plunged into a massive pool of players looking for the same action as you. You’ll receive your hand and if you don’t like it, fold it, and receive another hand at another table within seconds. The action never stops; hands just keep getting recycled until you find the one you want. There’s a unique style and strategy involved, traits that keep both savvy veterans and newcomers coming back for bigger pots and more profit.

If you are just getting started with online poker, or maybe even poker in general, you can find brief tutorials on some of the games, along with explanations of the terms and poker hand rankings. Winner Poker has something for everyone, regardless of what game you love to play and your skill level!

Winner Poker Traffic

The iPoker Network has a full collection of poker sites, and because of Winner Poker’s inclusion in that group they benefit from outstanding traffic statistics. With peak player volumes consistently reaching top 10 numbers overall in the market, Winner Poker can have as many as 10,000 players at their tables at a given time. Surprisingly, Winner Poker also manages these numbers despite having no presence in the U.S. online poker demographic.

Likely benefitting from a renewed mindset in terms of the stability of online poker with the buzzing re-establishment of other online poker providers, Winner Poker continues to bring in new players looking to try out online poker for the first time and get their feet wet.

Some players might also be surprised at the traffic seen in the Omaha games on Winner Poker. Omaha has become increasingly popular in the European markets, so if you’re looking for action in this department, you’ll be likely to find it here.

Winner Poker Tournaments

Tournament players come in droves to find out what the events on Winner Poker are all about. It’s not that you’ll encounter massive guaranteed tournaments (excluding their monthly $1m), but instead the action is usually good enough to make profit. If you’re interested in guarantees, you’ll notice that your biggest weekly tournament promises to bring at least $40,000, while on Sundays you’ll find a $200,000 event. If you ever need to know exactly when a tournament is scheduled, you’ll be reminded after signing up, or you can also view them online and within the program’s “tournament lobby” window.

Online tournaments have grown in popularity not only because of their big monetary rewards, but also because they can lead to live tournament participation as well. Winner Poker has tournaments that can send you across the world – from Australia to China to Las Vegas – all for miniscule amounts of money. What they refer to as qualifiers – or step tournaments – gives players the chance to win big with little risk involved. Working your way up from the bottom will never feel more rewarding than on Winner Poker!

You could be sitting in the Main Event of the World Series of Poker, without ever having to put up the required $10,000!

Winner Poker is already setting up for events such as the Aussie Millions, and packages for some events can equal as much as $16,000! You wouldn’t want to miss out on such a grand opportunity! Join Winner Poker today for your chance to win! (This cost includes airfare, travel costs, and event buy-ins.)

Winner Poker Freerolls

It’s not a freeroll extravaganza, but what Winner Poker offers is significant enough to keep players interested. If you’re in the need for free money, you should spend a bit of time playing the Daily Freeroll events, usually taking place at the hour of 20:00 GMT. This is a $250 Weekly Depositors freeroll, and if you’ve made a deposit upon signing up with Winner Poker you’ll receive eligibility. (After 3 days of making your first deposit you’ll be notified of eligibility.)

If you’ve decided not to deposit, within the first 90 days of signing up you’ll be eligible to participate in the $25 Welcome freeroll event. This freeroll usually has a few more participants, but the field is typically softer. This event runs at 19:00 GMT.

To find each of these freeroll events, you may look under the “Special Offers” tab within the program’s lobby.

Winner Poker Stakes

The stakes are high on Winner Poker, both literally and figuratively. Hundreds of thousands of dollars change hands frequently, and if you’re not on your A-game you could be a steady loser overall. Winner Poker allows players to play as high as $100/$200, but that game is usually reserved for the professionals, or at worst the well-bankrolled gamblers. Depending on the game, there will be different stakes of play, with Limit Hold’em carrying the highest small blind/big blind ratio.

You won’t have to play those stakes, however, unless you truly want to. Winner Poker allows you to play cash games for cents at a time, or move up to the more ubiquitous small-stakes games if you prefer to win more substantial pots.

Winner Poker Competition

Because of the site being primarily European, you’ll find that the player competency ranges from great to downright awful. It’s a bit cliché to say, but there are many players on Winner Poker who clearly aren’t winners at all. It won’t take much research or study to beat some of the smaller games, but after moving up you’ll need to modify your approach to maintain success.

Surprisingly, Winner Poker isn’t populated with tons of big name pros who scare you with their presence alone. Instead, you’ll find pros who are very talented, but have lesser-known identities that will require more research to get to know.

There is a perfect balance of fishy and experienced adversaries, making days either very profitable or very maddening. Over time, players will learn to live with the variance, as after all the site should show monetary return with enough time and its worse-than-average player pool.

Winner Poker Deposits and Withdrawals

When you begin the cash out process, you’ll want to make sure you’re at least a VIP Rookie, as this is the lowest level you may process a cash out request. If you’re looking to redeem a bonus amount – such as redeeming points for cash – you’ll need to wait at least 30 days after account activation to make this request.

After making a cash out request, payments and cash redemptions are usually processed within 72 hours.

Some of the payment methods you may use on the site are: Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club, Moneybookers, Neteller, Instadebit, Internet Banking, Bank Transfer, Entropay, Paysafecard, iDeal, Click2Pay, WebMoney, and ClickandBuy.

Nearly all of these methods are instant when making a deposit. Bank Transfer may take between 1-5 business days.

Withdrawal processing times vary depending on the cash amount and method requested.

Winner Poker Customer Service

Being a successful online poker provider is more than just the software and games, it’s also about making sure that all of your players are content. Many sites lay claim to great features, bonuses and rewards, but fail to address the needs of the players and the consistency they demand in regards to service. Winner Poker flips that stereotype 180 degrees by allowing players to contact them 24/7, either through email, postal composition or toll-free telephone. All methods seem to be equally reliable, but often times players choose to go with email because it’s fast and convenient.

Technical and in-game support issues will arise at one point or another, and in order to make sure that your inquiry is handled by the right expert, you will be directed to the appropriate contact email under “Support” on the Winner Poker web site. In relation, sometimes you’ll run across issues that may be a bit more trivial. If you think you have a concern that has been asked over and over again, Winner Poker tries to handle these problems with the use of their Frequently Asked Questions page. It’s labeled with sub-sections such as “General Questions,” “Joining a Table,” and “Getting Started,” so don’t fret about feeling too silly when making a request.

Building relationships and establishing trust are two of the principles that Winner Poker stands proudly behind. Their personnel are efficient, but hearing from you is one of the key contributors to their progression. Getting a hold of them to let them know they’re doing a great job, or if anything can be done to keep things moving forward is always welcome and deeply appreciated.

Game rules, glossaries and outlines for company ethics and policies are also accessible to the public directly from the Winner Poker web site.

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