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Bovada Poker is the US friendly version of Bodog, a reputable and trust worthy family of gambling sites. Play at it now and see why!

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Bovada Poker Overview

Not many online sites have the luxury and experience of the Bovada Poker brand. Owned by billionaire and Las Vegas native Calvin Ayre, this site has flourished since 1994 and has withstood controversial events such as Black Friday in the online world. In fact, despite a brief hiatus, and many online poker sites closing their doors to American participants, Bovada remains as one of the few destinations both U.S. and international players like to call home.

For them, it’s not a second-rate option either – Bovada has consistently displayed a penchant for world class software, and their additions are frequently ahead of the curve in terms of the industry standard. They’ve never missed the essentials, but instead have elaborated on what poker players desire with striking innovation. You won’t find outdated 2D caricatures or lack of database support; even amateurs are seeking these popular distinctions and without them Bovada likely wouldn’t have the outstanding reputation it has today.

Bovada Poker prefers to keep things feeling fresh, and close observers would agree due to Bovada’s revolving source of poker professionals. The site has been the home of some of the best professionals in the world both online and live, and their roster once consisted of Tatjana Pasalic, Jay Tan, and Justin Bonomo, all of which are dangerous on the live and virtual felt. It also may not be a surprise that Bovada has a knack for choosing some very attractive females, a trait that adds to the mystique and allure of the well-known poker giant.

Despite their appearance, Bovada Poker isn’t only about the sizzle, they put on a noteworthy show that nearly every online poker player should experience.

Bovada Poker Software and Features

What allows separation between the slews of online poker sites is the amount of features they include. Because Bovada Poker prides itself on being an industry leader, they’ve taken enormous steps to include some of the most demanded features available in online poker.

While it’s certainly not a complete list, Bovada has managed to include player notes, customizable table selections, changeable lobby views, and also one of their custom features “player cards”. Catering towards professionals and savvy amateurs, the site has included “player cards” which gives users the opportunity to read a bit about other opponents, and also document information about them. Obviously, it wouldn’t be a bright idea to give away valuable information about your own poker prowess, but for those of whom you frequently play against, letting them know a bit about you personally could be refreshing and congenial.

For readers more concerned with what Bovada offers in-game, you should note that some of the more standard inclusions such as resizable tables, custom table options, color-coded decks, custom avatars, multi-tabling, and folded hand displays are there. One area where Bovada has finally caught up with some of the other online poker sites is in terms of its hand replayer. Now becoming an essential aspect of online poker, Bovada has now built a gorgeous display that captures what hands your opponents have been playing, and how they respond when they get them. An excellent way to catch up on missed hands, or just research your opponents’ tendencies, it’s a great way to gain an edge on your adversaries without buying additional poker software or resources.

If you’re in need of a less interpretive way of gaining an edge, Bovada hasn’t forgotten about player statistics. You’ll be able to keep track of viewed flop percentages, hands that went to showdown, and how many hands per hour tables will see. It’s a great tool to both estimate your own talent, and also the talent of your prospective opponents.

To the delight of some, despite an obvious renovation and overhaul in 2010, Bovada has managed to retain some of their trademark attributes. You’ll notice upon opening the lobby and viewing their online web page that maintaining their gorgeous black and red casino theme gives the site a familiar feel. Since its opening, Bovada has stayed true to its clients, and both their design concepts and software updates have represented that trust.

Bovada Poker Reward System & Loyalty Program

When you sign up for Bovada Poker through, you’ll receive a deposit bonus of 100% up to $500, one of the finest in the industry. Even if you don’t receive the maximum bonus, by making a small deposit through us at Bovada you’ll at least guarantee yourself some free bonus cash! You don’t want to miss out on such a lucrative opportunity, so sign up with Bovada Poker through us today and make some extra money!

After signing up, you’ll be able to earn even more rewards with Bovada Poker. Right away, Bovada Poker gives you 50 free bonus points to use in a variety of different ways. You can hold on to them and allow them to build toward other cash and prizes, or you can use them to enter real cash tournaments. Yes, that’s right. REAL CASH! If you allocate enough of your points to a tournament event and you place, you’ll receive real money in your online account that you can use as you wish. A nice bonus for just depositing!

As you begin to play for real money on Bovada Poker, you’ll be able to earn Player Points. As we mentioned above, these points are redeemable for different things, but the most popular redemption method is cold hard cash!

Bovada Poker Customer Service

For many consumers, it’s not always the collection of features that draw them to a poker site. Instead, the way the organization handles its customer’s needs can trump any bells and whistles they’ve added in its place. Bovada Poker’s experience and longevity is a competitive edge they use to emerge amongst the world’s best poker sites, and it shows in terms of its customer service.

Let’s start by noting that the number of sites which allow players from the United States is diminishing greatly. Nonetheless, upon viewing the tables on Bovada, you’ll notice a number of American visitors still in action. Bovada’s willingness to put its neck out for its players, simply so they won’t have to forgo a profitable career or side vocation is a testament of their devotion to the players. Although there’s still much work to be done overall in terms of getting more U.S. players back online, Bovada is taking big steps towards alleviating the disappointment many Americans feel when looking for a place to play.

While Bovada Poker does its best to ensure you have a great online experience, they aren’t ignorant to the fact that you’ll likely encounter an issue at some point. To remedy your problem, they’ve set up both telephone and email accounts to respond to your inquiries. Customer service help is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so regardless of when you decide to start your session you’ll have someone there to assist you.

In the past few years, it’s worth mentioning that online monetary security has become a concern for many people. It’s hard to give guarantees, but Bovada Poker has managed to avoid any financial fraud and negligence for quite some time. Financial transactions are handled smoothly and with minimal time delays, giving you ample opportunity to make more money while you collect it.

If you ever need to review the rules and regulations in regards to fair play, customer service, responsible gaming or any other company report, they’re all available on the Bovada Poker web site for viewing.

Bovada Poker Games

Although improving their selection of games has been on their to-do list, Bovada hasn’t spent as much time as they should updating their poker genres. But don’t sigh, Bovada Poker does a good job of including all the games that most players need. No-Limit Hold’em, Limit Hold’em, and Pot-Limit Omaha are all there, and still remain as the three leaders in terms of player traffic. You can also find other forms of Omaha, Stud and even Hi-Lo when you open up the lobby.

What Bovada Poker is missing, they try to make up for in terms of game type. Because poker is becoming an increasingly aggressive game, those looking for more action and bigger pots should check out the 6-max games. If you’re a bit more accustomed to the live environment, transitioning from 10-handed to 9-handed online shouldn’t be too much of an adjustment and is possible with Bovada. Heads-up, deep-stacked and short-stacked games may also be played, and if you’re the type who just wants to have a little fun, you can even gamble it up at the play money tables for no cost.

Bovada Poker Traffic

It won’t be easy finding games at all hours, but on the weekends Bovada Poker can be booming with players. Usually peaking at around 10,000 participants, numbers can be deceiving in terms of action. Much of the traffic on Bovada Poker is concentrated in tournaments, but if you’re a cash game player you can probably find a good number of tables in Texas Hold’em. It’s still the most popular game and for many the easiest to learn, so finding players in this venue shouldn’t be hard.

Bovada Poker Tournaments

It’s the Jason Mercier’s of the world that have made online tournaments so attractive. While you might not be playing with Mercier regularly, there are enough players to make your tournament entries worthwhile. The tournament tables on Bovada Poker are not scarce, and if you’re looking to make a big score, this is a great place to do it.

There will be tournament players of all types on Bovada Poker, and this is feasible because of the vast selection of events they’ve offered. Guaranteed tournaments, Sit-N-Gos and Satellites are just the tip of the iceberg. Sure, they’ll be professionals in each of those avenues, but you’ll notice just as many hopefuls looking to make a name for themselves in the poker world. These events can be a big boost to your bankroll, whether you enter one big tournament or grind the smaller events for more frequent cashes.

Bovada Poker currently has $50,000 and $100,000 guaranteed tournaments that run on the weekends. These two events build large fields, and you’ll need a bit of strategy and skill to navigate your way through. But if you do, you’ll be on your way to one massive pay day!

Let’s not forget that live events such as the World Series of Poker, and European Poker Tour are unforgettable places for the poker enthusiast. To miss out on such an opportunity because of bankroll limitations won’t happen on Bovada. They allow their players to enter small step events for very little investment, so that you can work your way up the ladder to the bright lights. Hey, maybe if you play well and run good, you could be the next multi-million dollar WSOP champion!

Bovada Poker Freerolls

Bovada Poker’s freerolls aren’t hefty in number, but they do provide enough action to make it worthwhile every now and then. They feature $500 freerolls, and these tournaments run daily for all players on the site. More of a bankroll builder than anything else, these events will have plenty of players who aren’t experienced but wish to get their hands on some real money. They’re not hard, but you’ll need a bit of luck to make your way to the biggest prize money.

If you’ve managed to make a smaller deposit, you’ll be glad to hear that you can enter tournaments for as low as $1 on Bovada Poker. Cost-effective for the casual player, you won’t be overwhelmed with each field’s size and aggressiveness in these tournaments. It’s a good way to get your feet wet and try out a variety of tournament tactics, and if you can win a couple bucks along the way, even better.

All of these tournaments should be accessible in the tournament lobby tab, and Bovada Poker will also send out emailed newsletters if any exciting tournament events are being created.

Bovada Poker Stakes

For many players, playing $10/20 No-Limit Hold’em with a $2,000 buy-in would be nerve-wrecking. However, you can find this stake along with many others on Bovada Poker because they cater to high-stakes action. 2000NL should be enough for most players in that niche, but if you’re looking for even more action you could play $30/60 Limit Hold’em also for bigger pots.

Bovada Poker wouldn’t have stayed in business as long as it has without addressing the small-stakes games. You can play micro limits ($1c/2c), small stakes ($.25/.50 up to $2/4), and anything above if you’re looking for more modest games. We’re not saying all of these games are a cake walk, but because of their limits you’ll find the weakest players in these areas.

Bovada Poker Competition

As we alluded to, if you’re looking to make money consistently at poker, you’ll want to stay within the lower limits if you’re an average-to-good player. If you’re adept or a professional, you can make money in the highest limits, but you’ll see many of the same players and will have to learn to exploit their weaknesses.

Players can also spend time in the lesser-known poker games if they want to extend their edge amongst peers.

Bovada Poker Deposits and Withdrawals

Not every available deposit or withdrawal method is available for every consumer. Unfortunately, many of the available financial options on Bovada Poker depend on where you reside. However, some of the most universal deposit and withdrawal methods are:

Visa, Rapid Transfer, MyPayLinQ, Bank Transfer, and Wire Transfers.

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