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Texas Holdem Poker is the most popular form of poker in the world today and it’s popularity continues to grow at an exponential rate. People are playing Texas Hold em live against other players in cardrooms in places such as Atlantic City and Las Vegas. But, contrary to what most people may believe, Texas Holdem Poker is most popular on the internet. Over 200,000 people logon and play on a daily basis and play against opponents in Peru, Africa, Sweden, the United States, the UK (United Kingdom), and many other countries.

Texas Holdem is Popular

You will notice when you login to an online poker room that the majority of players are playing Texas Hold em Poker over any of the other games. Over 90% of the players seem to play this game rather than any of the others. Some players are new, some are regulars, some are winners and some are losers, but, in the end, everybody gets what they pay for… a good poker game and entertainment.

Beginner Resources

For beginning and novice Texas Holdem Poker players, we have laid out some useful resources to read that may help you with your game. We haveTexas Holdem Poker rules to read for those who are just beginning the game. If you want to learn by experience, then we suggest reading ourbeginner poker guide.

People say Texas Holdem Poker is “an easy game to learn, and an impossible game to master.” This is great for advanced players because many people are logging on and playing for real money without knowing much about the game and how the strategy works. Very few of the online Texas Holdem Poker players have actually read any of the popular poker books or poker strategy articles that are available to them as free resources.

You have learned how popular the game of Texas Holdem Poker is and have hopefully read the Texas Holdem Poker rules and poker strategy articles. If you have gained any special insight from these resources then you should start playing Texas Holdem poker at one of our many online poker rooms, whether you play PC poker or Mac online poker.