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Scared to Play Online Poker for Real Money?

There are tons of poker players in the world that want to give online poker a shot. They have seen their friends log on and play, heard stories about them winning hundreds of dollars. On top of all this, their friends tell them how easy it is to do. As someone who plays regularly with buddies in a home game, the online game can sound really enticing. However, it is hard to take that step and become a first time real money poker player in the online world. There are many reasons as to why one might be hesitant to make their first real money deposit and play poker for real money.

The main reason poker players are hesitant to make a real money deposit is because they do not trust the poker sites with their credit card information and mailing address. This is obviously, a valid concern for every online player to have, especially if they have never received a check in the mail from a poker room or money show up in their Neteller account before. They have no reason to trust the poker site at all. Even though people have seen and heard about their friends receiving payments from withdrawals, they have not yet seen it for themselves.

It is important to understand that the business men who run these operations know the importance of their poker rooms paying their players. Given that the online poker business has boomed, it has created a very competitive market. If a poker room doesn’t pay you, they know that you can just leave them and go to a more trust-worthy poker room. While this never happens anyway, they know they need to earn your trust.

Do Real Money Online Poker Players Become Addicted?

Other poker players can be frightened sometimes to play as a real money poker player because of what it might mean for them. A lot of people believe that once you start playing online poker, it means you are addicted to it. Being addicted to poker usually means lots of hours gambling, and lots of money lost. It is important to understand that just because you deposit, and become a real money poker player, does not automatically classify you as an addicted poker player.

There are literally thousands of players playing on any given site at one time, and most all of them are just playing for the fun and joy of playing the game. On most poker rooms you are able to set deposit limits for yourself as well so you are able to halt your play if it is ever getting out of control.

People Don’t Cheat as Much as You Think

One final reason that people might be frightened to sign up as a real money poker player is the aspect of cheating. A lot of people think that because it is online, and you can’t see the players you are playing, there is automatically cheating going on. While some people do try and cheat by sitting with friends in the same table, few are successful and they will usually get caught eventually. Also online poker software is very advanced and can pick up on illegal software that might be used that can apparently show a players hole  cards, or get them dealt pocket aces every time. These programs don’t stand a chance.

Some people think online poker is rigged. You hear all the time, when crazy hands take place, “You would never see this in a live game, this only happens online.” While this may seem to be the case, it is not true. The fact of the matter is, is that since you are playing online, the game is much faster, and you are able to see many more hands in a less amount of time. Therefore, while playing, your odds increase to see hands like AA and KK dealt in the same hand.

While there are many reasons to be scared to play online poker, there are many more reasons to step up and become a real money poker player. It is important to search for what poker room is best for you. Check out a few different sites; play at the play money tables first, see what types of real money games they offer. Be patient with your decision until you find the room that you feel most safe to play at. Good luck at becoming a real money poker player

Ready to Play Online Poker for Real Money?

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