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Omaha poker is the fastest online poker game that I know of. It is not unusual that a player can sit down at an Omaha Poker table and see 80% of players call the preflop bet and are betting 50% of their stacks in no time.

Many people are moving onto play “Holdem Omaha” poker from their original game, Texas Holdem Poker. What people don’t know is how to play Omaha Poker and the major differences between Texas Holdem Poker and Omaha Poker Online.

Whether you are a beginning poker player or an advanced poker player, if you haven’t played Omaha Poker online for a long time, you will more than likely not know how to play the game correctly. There are several major Omaha Poker rules that differ from Texas Holdem. For instance, you must use two cards at one time in Omaha. There is no split pot if there is a Royal flush on the board and you hold different cards than your opponents.

If you do know the Omaha Poker rules and want to become a seasoned Omaha Poker online player, then we suggest reading more about strategy. Omaha Poker strategy is differerent from Texas Holdem Poker strategy, however many things can be the same. Read our poker strategy articles and you should become accustomed to playing Omaha Poker online as well as other online poker games.