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How can you tell the difference between a successful poker player and a successful poker affiliate?

Player - Not A Poker AffiliateSuccessful Poker Affiliate

Did you know that if you signed up 0.001% (on thousandth of a percent) of the online poker players playing online poker today that you would be earning $200,000 a year through a poker affiliate program?

If you are involved in the online poker industry or have a website that receives a lot of visits, then you are in a unique position to make a tremedous amount of money. Online gambling is the largest and fastest growing Internet business segment and guess what, the online poker companies are running poker affiliate programs that allow you to share profits with them and establish yourself as part of the industry.

No expensive investment is involved to make money, or course if you do want to make money we recommend that you build an organized website where the yearly fees are less than $50. The only other cost is your time. With nothing more to do than attract new online poker players to your website and simple marketing, you can easily make that 0.001% or $200,000 a year by joining an online poker affiliate program. Many people are making six figure incomes in the business whether they are working or sleeping.

4 Aces of Poker Affiliate ProgramJoining an online poker affiliate program is simple. Sign up for the program that interests you most and register as an online poker affiliate. The poker affiliate programs will contact you by email and help you with the process of using poker bonus codes and special tracker links that you can place on your website to track your new online poker players. When people use your links to sign up, and make a deposit, you receive either a share of the revenue (MGR) or a fixed sum of money (CPA) for referring them.

The best lesson I can teach you about poker affiliate marketing is always remembering to use “The 4 Aces” Attract, Capture, Educate, and Sell. First you have to get the player to your site, then you capture their attention with something witty. After that you want to educate them on what your site is all about and finally, after they are educated, you will be able to sell your product or service to them. That’s all thats to it! Follow these guidelines and you will be making fortunes!

Need help with motivation and want to learn more about how to become an online poker affiliate? A close friend of mine, you may know him from, Jeremy Enke has published a useful eBook for new online poker affiliates. I recommend that you sign up for the programs first and read the book after you have that part done.

Best Poker Affiliate Programs

Party Poker Affiliate Program – 20-25% MGR $65-$75 MGR