Played at Grand Casino Hinckley


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So I went out and played some live poker at a somewhat local Minnesota casino last night, Grand Casino – Hinckley. My friends called me up on the phone and asked me if I wanted to meet them there because it is the halfway point between our homes.

After driving over an hour, I finally arrived and took a look at the tables. I wanted to play $5-$30 spread but I told myself that I should warm up on a $2-$10 spread table first, which I did. I was up, then down, then up again. It seemed like I was folding every hand because I could catch even a pair or two overs to play with.

I was about to move over to the $5-$30 game when I noticed people were leaving at a very rapid rate. A few people came to my table and decided to play with us. One woman explained that there was a maniac at the $5-$30 table and thats why everybody left. I decided to stay right where I was.

We played for a few hours, then our table got broken up. I was down about $80 at the time and I ended up moving to a $3/$6 table. To make a long story short, I caught a bunch of lucky hands because the implied odds were just right and ended up winning a whopping $28 on the night, just enough to pay for gas.


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