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I added lots of nice new content to the site today that you might be interested. I am especially excited to see the response from the casino game rules page that I added. I didn’t just add casino game rules; I added free Macromedia Flash casino games too, for you to practice on. Some of the games include Caribbean Stud poker and Jacks or Better video poker.

Another interesting article that I wrote was sparked from a recent question that I received. A reader was curious about which online poker rooms accept Paypal, so I did some research. I wasn’t surprised when I didn’t find any online poker rooms that accept Paypal, but I did come up with some interesting alternatives. Read more about it in my Paypal poker article.

I’ve also been finishing up all of the online casino and online poker room reviews that weren’t quite finished before. You’ll see more and more of these popping up as I get more free time.


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