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The popularity of poker is booming, and so is the popularity of online poker. However, some of the online poker rooms, such as PartyPoker and PokerStars, have not previously offered Mac compatible software This has become a significant problem for Mac poker players, until now.

As you may have gathered from the title of this article, we are going to discuss several methods about how to play Party Poker for Mac OS, which I will describe below from best and cheapest method, to the more difficult and expensive methods.

Party Poker – No Download Software

The most common way for poker rooms to be Mac compatible is to have no-download software that runs using Java or Flash. Party Poker has been secretly at work and has just released an innovative no-download version of PartyPoker software.

The no download software version runs very well, and as of September 10, 2006, can be used to play against opponents in real money games. Party Poker’s Mac compatible no download software is a great development, and they have kept the online poker world on hold for a very long time.

Sweet! I want to try the no download Party Poker software!

Party Poker – Native Mac Download Software

Something that very few people are even aware of is the native Mac download software that Party Poker has made for Mac. There is a catch though, and that is that the software is currently being tested at and not However, with time, Mac users will be closer to playing on a native download at for Mac.

Apple’s Boot Camp Software

Mac users can use the Apple Boot Camp software to install Microsoft Windows XP on your Mac.  Follow this link to read out article on Apple Boot Camp. With Apple Boot Camp, you can make your Mac run Windows, which the Party Poker software is 100% compatible with.  You can visit the official Apple Boot Camp webpage by following our link to Apple’s website.

Once you have Windows running properly on your Mac, you can visit the Party Poker website,, and download their poker software.

Use a PC Emulator

Another method, sometimes the cheapest, to play Party Poker for Mac is to use a PC emulator.

What a PC emulator does is simulate a Windows environment within your Mac OS, creating a Windows interface in a smaller window. The best PC emulator is Virtual PC, which has multiple versions available, ranging $110 to $230 in price. Although, Virtual PC isn’t the only PC emulator, it is the best.

Installing Party Poker – PC Emulator or Boot Camp

Once you’re finished installing a PC emulator or Apple Boot Camp and Windows, you can now begin your Party Poker download. Once the download is complete you will want to run Party Poker and install it.

After you have installed Party Poker for Mac, you can now open it using your PC emulator or Apple Boot Camp. A PC emulator window will be opened as an entire seperate window inside of the PC emulator environment.

Sign Up a New Account at Party Poker

You want to sign up for a new account now. Click “Create Account” in the PartyPoker software. Go through the process of signing up until you come to a text field called “bonus code.”

Enter bonus code 25MP for an extra $25 or bonus code 100MP for 20% up to $100. For more information about these poker bonuses, you can read our PartyPoker bonus code details.

Make Your First Deposit

Okay, so you’re finally signed up and ready to play. Now it’s time to make your first deposit. The good thing about is that they accept an incredible number of poker deposit options, including Neteller and FirePay. If you don’t have an online ewallet such as those, you’re in luck. Party Poker is one of the very few websites that allow their users to deposit money using a regular bank account.

To make your first deposit, simply click the dollar sign and go to the cashier. Everything should be self-explanatory from this point on.

I want to take the time and wish you the best of luck. If you have any questions, please ask them. If you use the contact form on this site, I will personally answer your emails and give you my professional advice.