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Mac Poker Room Recommendations

Own a Mac but don’t know where to play online poker? On this site, I will make recommendations of the best Mac poker rooms. You can play for free or you can choose to play online poker for real money.

My first recommendation is Pacific Poker. Pacific Poker is owned and operated by one of the largest online casinos in the world, They have a no-download Java poker client that is very stable on Mac OS computers. Read my full review of PacificPoker.

If you are like most people, then you certainly want to play at Party Poker on your Macintosh. If you are having any trouble, just read our detailed guide to playing Party Poker for Mac.

Next on my list is PokerRoom. These guys have been in business for many years and their software was actually developed by Mac users! They offer a no-download Java poker client that features incredible 3D graphics and avatars. Read my full review of PokerRoom.

My final recommedation is Full Tilt Poker. Although they are new to the Mac poker world, they have certainly created a buzz with their unique native Mac online poker client. The graphics will blow you away, but so will the tough competition. Read my full review of FullTilt Poker.

Why Online Poker Doesn’t Work for Macs

It’s quite unfortunate that most online poker rooms don’t have poker for Macs, but there is a reason for this. Most poker rooms use executable (.exe) files, which aren’t compatible with Macintosh OS. However, we have listed compatible rooms on our Mac online poker page. In addition to that, our readers can receive exclusive poker bonuses from iMac Online Poker.

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Watch Poker Pros as They Play – October 1

I just received an email from Full Tilt Poker that was quite interesting. It said that I was actually able to watch poker pros play poker online, for high stakes.

You can view any of these games by simply logging into your FullTilt Poker account and opening one of the tables that are highlighted in red, which signifies that a pro is playing at the table. For instance, view this hand that was recently played between Phil Ivey and John D’Agonstino on Full Tilt Poker.

Dags and Ivey were playing in a $300/$600 no limit Texas Holdem poker game and the hand begun with Dags raising to $1,800 from the button. Phil Ivey reraised the bet to $5,400 and the bet was called by Dags. Ivey led out with a bet of $7,800 with a flop of K-A-J rainbow.

To Ivey’s surprise, Dags reraised Ivey to $20000. Dags was even more surprised when Ivey pushed back for $43,200. Dags decided to go all in for about $63,600, and was called by Ivey for $20,400 more. Each of the players revealed their cards and showed a flopped set. Dags was behind with trip Kings to Phil Ivey’s pocket aces.

Ivey was a 95 percent favorite to win at this point and there was only a single card in the deck could allow Dags to win. You will never guess what happened next.

The turn card came and Dags received the one and only card in the deck that would possibly help him, the case king. In the end Dags won a pot of $138,000 with his four of a kind kings to Ivey’s full house.

Back from Las Vegas – September 17, 2006

I haven’t posted an update in awhile, and I have good reason for this. I’ve been uploading new content every few days, but I also have another project going on that is going to blow all you Mac user’s socks off. I’m not going to tell what it is just yet, but I can tell you that it should improve your ROI and I’m giving it away for free.

Another update that I’d like to give you guys is that I was in Las Vegas last week. I haven’t been there for a year, and a lot has changed since then. On my ride from the airport to my hotel, the peppy woman driving the shuttle informed us that the owners of a few of the casinos were planning on demolishing them, including both the Stardust and the Frontier. Both of these hotels / casinos have been running since about 1950, so over 55 years. Apparently, plans are to demolish them and build over $4.5 billion dollars in new casinos and hotels. Keep in mind though, Steve Wynn’s hotel that was built last year, known as the Wynn, only cost $2.2 billion dollars. I can’t wait to visit and see them when they are finished in 2009.

On a more personal note, I played some no limit texas holdem while I was down in Las Vegas. On the first night, when I was really drunk, I sat down at a $1-$2 ($200 max) no limit table with a friend of mine at the MGM Grand. He was also really drunk and dropped $200 in a matter of less than thirty minutes. I stayed for about two more hours after that, and the best hand that I saw was AA, which didn’t make me more than just the blinds. At the end of the night I had not won or lost anything, but broke dead even leaving with the $200 that I had originally wagered.

However, on the last day that I was there, I waltzed over to the Wynn’s poker room and put my name on the list for a $2-$5 ($500 max) no limit game. It was really cool because it was right next to the Ferrari automobile store and I had the opportunity to check out a Diablo and some other Ferrari models. Anyways, after waiting for about thirty minutes for my table, I sat down at what seemed like a tight aggressive table. One of the guys at the table had over $5000 in front of him, which was a winning of about $4500. I assumed that he was either really good, or really lucky. I was leaning toward the assumption that he was really good.

I played for about two or three hours and ended up bluffing my way to win $151. I didn’t really see any good hands, and when I did, I won very small pots. There was one hand where I had AJo and called a $20 preflop raise to hit my Jack as a top pair. My only opponent bet $40 into me and I thought about it for awhile, only to raise him all in for the rest of his chips, which was about $150. He thought for awhile and determined that I was too tight of a player to risk all of his chips against, so he folded and I took down the pot. Afterwards, I asked him if he had Queens or Kings, and all that he replied was that he had a big pair. I figured that he probably had queens and had me beat, but determined that I had hit a small set or a set of jacks and didn’t want to risk so many chips.

A Look at WSOP Odds – August 10, 2006

Bill Nevin, head of sports at, looks at the final table odds for the World Series of Poker.

With $12.5 million on offer to the winner, the 2006 World Series of Poker is the richest prize in sport.

Just nine players can still win it and they are all guaranteed to be millionaires. However the differential between winning and finishing 9th is huge, both in terms of prize money and also in terms of marketing and sponsorship deals. The winner will be known around the world – all the others will just be a statistical note in history, albeit with very happy bank managers.

Odds Player Name Hometown Chip Count Seat #
6-1 Richard Lee San Antonio, TX $11,820,000 1
6-1 Erik Friberg Stockholm, Sweden $9,605,000 2
7-1 Paul Wasicka Westminster, CO $7,970,000 3
20- 1 Dan Nassif St. Louis, MO $2,600,000 4
2-1 Allen Cunningham Las Vegas, NV $17,770,000 5
20-1 Michael Binger Atherton, CA $3,140,000 6
10-1 Douglas Kim Hartsdale, NY $6,770,000 7
5-2 Jamie Gold Malibu, CA $25,650,000 8
12-1 Rhett Butler Rockville $4,815,000 9

Place your bets on the winner, click here to go to

Allen Cunningham is’s 2-1 favorite, even though he lies second in the chip count. Chip leader Jamie Gold, who has lead for the last three days, is the 5-2 second favorite.

We have had the following player assessments from our man in Las Vegas who has helped us with the odds compilation for the final table:

"The whole final revolves around Jamie Gold and Allen Cunningham. I personally played with Jamie Gold who is a movie executive and a wealthy and slightly geeky guy. He has been playing in a Hollywood home game with (and has received coaching from) Johnny Chan. Whether he’ll be allowed to continue constantly talking to Chan between hands is debatable. He certainly is not a great player but is reasonably fearless and therefore has a puncher’s chance. Basically though, he has up to this point been rewarded by a very good run of cards. He is not good at laying a hand down and is liable to double up some of the short stacks.

"Allen Cunningham, on the other hand, is probably the third best player in the world right now. He is playing supremely well and has patience, experience, guts and is a great reader of the game. He is obviously the favorite despite the chip positions. Unless he suffers with bad beats early I think he will patiently negotiate his way to the top three and he must be there at the end. However we all know that in poker you can have Aces cracked by Kings and lose the lot and we have seen in past finals that the best player rarely wins.

"Richard Lee is someone I’d never heard of but he has some chips and is reasonably aggressive. Erik Friberg is rated by the Swedes here and is a real poker player who likes to see some flops and be involved in the game. Therefore, he must have a chance.

"Paul Wasicka has got some excellent results behind him in just a short time and he can certainly win. He is a good player.

"The other players, with the possible exception of Dan Nasif who has very few chips, are just not aggressive enough to win. Most of them are also very short stacked. With the blinds at 80k/160k-10 they have time to get back into it and if they get the hands they could still win it. I don’t know if they have the game though."
The World Series of Poker final table starts at 3pm EST on Thursday and is available on a pay-per-view web cast on ESPN and will also have web commentary on numerous websites.

Go to to learn more

Ten Pacific Poker $500 Freerolls – August 4, 2006

I forgot to mention that
we are going to be having over a week of $500 freerolls
for new depositors only (no other players can play).
You will also be able to get the 50% up to $100 plus
$25 extra if you deposit at PacificPoker before August 1st. After then,
the bonus will go down to 25% up to $100 plus $25.

We have the following freerolls reserved, your
invitation is based on the date that you deposit.

Deposit between ——— Receive invitation ——– $500 freeroll takes place
Now to July 30th ——– July 31st —————– August 1st
July 31st ————— August 1st —————- August 2nd
August 1st ————– August 2nd —————- August 3rd
August 2nd ————– August 3rd —————- August 4th
August 3rd to 6th ——- August 7th —————- August 8th
August 7th ————– August 8th —————- August 9th
August 8th ————– August 9th —————- August 10th
August 9th ————– August 10th ————— August 11th

In the Pacific Poker software, these freerolls are
named $500 First Depositors Freeroll, and you will
automatically be tracked as a new depositor when you
use our link to download the Pacific Poker software.

Make a minimum $20 deposit at Pacific Poker using this link: rooms/pacificpoker/promo/

Internet Gambling Prohibition Vote Put Off – August 2, 2006

After passing in the house of representatives, the internet gambling prohibition act that would prohibit the use of U.S. credit cards to pay for online gambling debts / transactions doesn’t seem to be a priority to the United States senate.

The itinerary set by a Mr. Frisk, leader of the senate majority, has several important issues on it, but the internet gambling prohibition was not one of them. The senate goes into recess this August and will not meet again until next year.

New Mac Casino Bonuses Listed – July 26, 2006

For you hard core gamblers out there, I’ve organized a complete list of Mac compatible online casino bonus codes. The list is in order of who gives you the biggest / best first deposit bonus. I’ve also written a detailed guide to each and every one of these casino bonuses. All that you have to do to read these is click the online casino’s name in the list.

Party Poker for Mac, No Download! – July 16, 2006

Party Poker unveiled its no download poker software today (Beta) in an attempt to gain Linux and Mac poker players and add them to it’s already thriving community.

The software makes it possible for anybody to play anywhere, no matter which operating system you use. One of our readers stated "Now I can honestly say that I truly have no use for Microsoft Windows."

Macintosh poker players can begin enjoying the new no-download PartyPoker software by simply going to and clicking the large button on the page. Make sure to use our link and enter PartyPoker bonus code 100MP if you are new to Party Poker and want to receive a Welcome Bonus of 20% up to $100.

It appears that we will have to update our old Party Poker Mac article with new, more relevant information regarding how to play Party Poker for Mac. I do think that I am going to wait until they have passed through BETA before I republish the information though.

The no download version of Party Poker uses Java and the requirements to use the no-download poker software are minimal. I have arranged a chart below for you in case you are curious about the compatibility issues of playing Party Poker for Mac or Linux.

Operating System Internet Browser Java Version
Party Poker for Microsoft Windows Windows 98, ME, 2000 or XP Windows Internet Explorer 5.0+ Microsoft JVM
Party Poker for Mac Mac Mozilla Firefox 1.0+

Sun JRE 1.4 or 1.5

Party Poker for Linux Linux Safari 1.3+  

So as you can see, Party Poker can basically be played from anywhere now. We can expect to see a dramatic increase in the amount of players playing at Party Poker as soon as the BETA period ends and real money games begin. You can learn more by reading our PartyPoker review.

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