Gus Hansen vs Isildur1 on FTP – You Can Play a Role in This Epic Battle


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Gus Hansen vs Isildur1

Victor “Isildur1” Blom broke into the poker scene seemingly out of nowhere back in 2009. After 5 years of dominating the highest stakes poker games on FTP, the man known as Isildur is ready to challenge one of the game’s most famous poker players – Gus Hansen. These two polarizing figures will match wits on September 14 on FTP, and you can get in on the action.

Our Prediction – Gus Hansen Will Come Out Victorious

This may come as a surprise to many in the poker community. In fact, some will scoff at the thought of Gus Hansen defeating Isildur. However, we think Gus has a very good chance of winning. Picking his side is a smart bet because more poker players will choose Isildur’s side on FTP. That means the $30,000 freeroll, if Gus wins, will have fewer players.

Gus has a great shot to win this challenge. The heads-up challenge will start with Gus’s choice – stud 8. The next event will be Isildur’s choice – 2-7 triple draw. The game played during the final match will be decided by the poker players on FTP. Your vote counts.

Why are we choosing Gus to win? We feel he’s better than poker players give him credit for. Gus knows what he’s doing. Sure, he is good for an occasional big loss. He’s also good for a big win. Gus will be motivated for this. He is going to surprise the fans.

We aren’t trying to sway you to choose Gus. By all means, if you’re confident in Isildur dominating Gus, pick his side. We are just making our prediction. The only way to get in on the action is by joining FTP by September 7.

How You Can Benefit From the Gus Hansen vs Isildur1 Challenge

By signing up for FTP by September 7th and making a $20+ deposit, you get to pick a side in the Gus Hansen vs Isildur1 matchup. By picking a side, you will then be entered into a $10,000 freeroll. There are two separate freerolls – one for the Gus crowd and one for Isildur’s supporters. After Gus and Isildur duke it out, a $30,000 freeroll will take place (September 15) for those that picked the winning side. So it is important you choose your side wisely.


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