Carbon Poker Freerolls are the Golden Ticket to Witnessing Super Bowl XLIX in Person


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carbon poker freerolls

February of 2015 marks the 50th edition of the world-famous Super Bowl. This season’s game will take place in Glendale, Arizona, home of the Arizona Cardinals (a team that appears to be a strong contender). How awesome would it be to get to see the game from the stands? It can happen. Simply by conquering some easy Carbon Poker freerolls, poker players have an opportunity to witness Super Bowl XLIV in person.

Carbon Poker freerolls are quite easy to beat because the players are so bad. We’ll get into winning freeroll strategy in a bit, but first let’s talk about what you came here for – getting tickets to the Super Bowl. Super Bowl tickets are as tough to get as any sporting event or concert in the country. If you aren’t one of the lucky few that already have a pair, you either need to fork over thousands of dollars to a scalper or dominate some Carbon Poker freerolls.

This year’s game in Glendale (a Phoenix suburb) is going to be a historic event because it is the game’s 50th edition. Although we can’t guarantee the teams that will participate in the Super Bowl, we can assure you it will be an entertaining game. Will Seattle and Denver get back to the game for an epic rematch of Seattle’s blowout victory last year? Or will other teams such as San Francisco, Green Bay, Kansas City, and Baltimore earn their way to the NFL’s championship game?

About Carbon Poker Freerolls and Carbon’s Super Bowl Promotion

Here’s how it works. Each Monday night throughout the 2014 NFL season, pick a winner of that evening’s game on Carbon Poker, straight up (not against the spread). If your team wins, you receive entrance into one of the Carbon Poker freerolls on Tuesday. You don’t have to win this tournament. You simply have to finish in the top 3 in order to advance to the December 28th championship freeroll tournament.

The winner of that tournament receives a pair of tickets to Super Bowl XLIX and $2,000 in cash. If you don’t have any luck scoring the Super Bowl tickets, there is still something to play for. Those finishing in the top 25 of the weekly Carbon Poker freerolls will receive a free $10 sports bet as a consolation prize. You can enter the contest weekly, even if you have already earned your way into the championship event.

Smart Online Poker Freeroll Strategy

Want to win the Carbon Poker freerolls and get to the Super Bowl? It’s going to take some solid play. Freeroll tournaments bring out the worst in poker players. There’s nothing to lose, or at least that’s what most think. You should play opposite. Since most of the donkeys at the table will play extremely loose, you should play tight. Bluffing opportunities will be limited.

Site back and wait for a hand. When you finally get a hand, make your opponents pay. Most will call off a big chunk of chips on draws (even gutshot straight draws), middle pair, and top pair with a weak kicker. So you should put more value into your marginal hands than you would in other tournaments.


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