Back from Las Vegas


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Las Vegas SignI haven’t posted an update in awhile, and I have good reason for this. I’ve been uploading new content every few days, but I also have another project going on that is going to blow all you Mac Poker fan’s socks off. I’m not going to tell what it is just yet, but I can tell you that it should improve your ROI and I’m giving it away for free.

Another update that I’d like to give you guys is that I was in Las Vegas last week. I haven’t been there for a year, and a lot has changed since then. On my ride from the airport to my hotel, the peppy woman driving the shuttle informed us that the owners of a few of the casinos were planning on demolishing them, including both the Stardust and the Frontier. Both of these hotels / casinos have been running since about 1950, so over 55 years. Apparently, plans are to demolish them and build over $4.5 billion dollars in new casinos and hotels. Keep in mind though, Steve Wynn’s hotel that was built last year, known as the Wynn, only cost $2.2 billion dollars. I can’t wait to visit and see them when they are finished in 2009.

On a more personal note, I played some no limit texas holdem while I was down in Las Vegas. On the first night, when I was really drunk, I sat down at a $1-$2 ($200 max) no limit table with a friend of mine at the MGM Grand. He was also really drunk and dropped $200 in a matter of less than thirty minutes. I stayed for about two more hours after that, and the best hand that I saw was AA, which didn’t make me more than just the blinds. At the end of the night I had not won or lost anything, but broke dead even leaving with the $200 that I had originally wagered.

However, on the last day that I was there, I waltzed over to the Wynn’s poker room and put my name on the list for a $2-$5 ($500 max) no limit game. It was really cool because it was right next to the Ferrari automobile store and I had the opportunity to check out a Diablo and some other Ferrari models. Anyways, after waiting for about thirty minutes for my table, I sat down at what seemed like a tight aggressive table. One of the guys at the table had over $5000 in front of him, which was a winning of about $4500. I assumed that he was either really good, or really lucky. I was leaning toward the assumption that he was really good.

I played for about two or three hours and ended up bluffing my way to win $151. I didn’t really see any good hands, and when I did, I won very small pots. There was one hand where I had AJo and called a $20 preflop raise to hit my Jack as a top pair. My only opponent bet $40 into me and I thought about it for awhile, only to raise him all in for the rest of his chips, which was about $150. He thought for awhile and determined that I was too tight of a player to risk all of his chips against, so he folded and I took down the pot. Afterwards, I asked him if he had Queens or Kings, and all that he replied was that he had a big pair. I figured that he probably had queens and had me beat, but determined that I had hit a small set or a set of jacks and didn’t want to risk so many chips.


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