888 Poker to Offer Real-money Poker through Facebook Next Year


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888pokerAre you a registered Facebook user? You may soon be able to access 888Poker through the social networking site soon. According to latest reports, 888 has signed an agreement with Facebook to launch real money poker through it in the UK. 888 already has a freemium bingo game featured on Facebook. Very soon the bingo room, called Bingo Island, which 888 has on Facebook, will also be offering real-money services to Facebook users. Along with poker and bingo, the casino operator will also be starting casino and slot offerings through Facebook sometime later next year.

Tapping the Potential of Social Gaming

Social gaming has the potential to create huge profits, a fact that the top social gaming site Zynga realized some time ago. The gaming giant 888 is now all set to make the most of social networking by offering its services via Facebook. 888 CEO Itai Frieberger recently said that the company had long realized the potential that social gaming had and now it is finally ready to enter the market. Frieberger also said that the company had a good response for their free bingo room, the Bingo Island, on Facebook and added that the 888 team was all ready and excited to be offering the real-money version of the games to their patrons.

Julien Codorniou, who is Facebook’s Head of Games partnerships in Europe, said that the social networking site is a great platform for playing games with friends and loved ones, which is why they are ready to partner with gaming operators. He also said that the company was pleased to be associated with the 888 Group, which is one of the most popular and safest online gaming brands in the UK and Europe.

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888 Joins Zynga and Gamesys

Gamesys became the first gaming operator to offer real money gaming through a social networking site in August 2012, when it launched its Facebook gaming app. With its real money gaming services through Facebook, 888 will become the second company to offer real money gambling through a social networking site. The news of 888’s decision to partner with Facebook has been announced just a couple of months after Zynga had made its intentions to offer real money poker next year. The company had also launched a real money bingo site called Bingo Friendzy earlier.

Social gaming is soon becoming the norm, as it allows people to play their favorite games and have fun with their friends at the same time. With big names like Gamesys, 888 and Zynga already a part of the social gaming market, we can expect more brands to join and change the online gaming trends in the coming year.

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Secure Poker Gaming on Facebook?

Bingo as a game is not really considered as gambling, as much as poker is. Also, bingo is a social game and online bingo rooms have chat options incorporated in their bingo clients. So when Gamesys launched the Bingo Friendzy for Zynga, it seemed like a natural move to make, especially for a game like bingo. But 888 is going to take social gaming to a whole new level by introducing hardcore online poker through the social networking site.

When real money bingo was launched on Facebook, the social networking site started use of technologies which ensured that players of Bingo Friendzy had a safe and secure environment to enjoy the game. Undoubtedly, the networking site would extend the same technologies to ensure that online poker players accessing 888 real money poker through Facebook are offered a secure platform to play their favorite game.

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Secure gaming on Facebook

The social networking site also apparently is using the age-gating technology to prevent users below 18 years of age from accessing the site and the real money games being offered through it. Not only that, underage members on the networking site will not even be able to see their friends’ or family’s gambling activities on the site. This will be the case even when someone shares the gambling results and details on the site.

Facebook has been very clear in its stand that it is only a social networking site that people use to connect with each other. The gambling operations offered via it are totally handled by reliable gambling operators like Gamesys and 888, that too only in a well-regulated UK gambling market.



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